These Are The Hills

by Stone & Snow

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Hello 04:26
Hello, late June in the North Summer is always too short Nights getting longer before they are warmer and so We've still got miles to go Hello, September in the West Cottonwoods in soft, yellow dress This train pulls us near to the sky and so clear The stars are this time of year Hello, early April in the South Moss-soaked Cypress reaching for me now Our ghosts are not as old as those that haunt from years of war But they’re nearer here than ever before The sky hangs so low and so cold when you go Time will tell if I’ll get to you ‘cause no one else knows Hello, December in the Middle Seems to always snow too little I need you now to bring the merry and fast This year is never gonna last
Waiting For 03:52
Hey you, whatcha doing with my heart? Hey you, you gonna watch it fall apart? Hey you, all I’ve been hearing from you is how you’ve got a plan Hey you, you know I’m patient but there’s only so much heartache I can stand What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for now? Show me what you’ve got in store, what are you waiting for now? Hey you, when’re ya puttin on that speed? Hey you, I could think of a few better places to be Hey you, can you tell me why I worked so hard for this? Hey you, you’ve got your eyes closed, back turned, no one else to blame for what you’ve missed What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for now? I’ve half a mind to show you the door, what are you waiting for now? I’m gonna love you hard even if it breaks my heart. Honey, I don’t care if I come out scarred Don’t let me go without a fight, you know we’re on the same side, We’re gonna figure this out if we get some time What are we waiting for, what are we waiting for now? What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for now?
I was born, I was born with our song in my lungs I've a clear as day now, I’ve a clear as day picture of how I’ll come undone Silhouettes so black against the richest of blue When I close my eyes, when I close my eyes all I see is me with you I saved the letters, I saved the letters that we wrote when everything was new I can’t let them go, I can’t let them go for fear of letting go of you And so this how it goes-- when I start I don't stop Like a steam train rolling, like a steam train rolling on down from the mountaintop The San Juan set afire, the San Juan set afire in late September I wanna go back, I wanna go back there to remember The trees stretch upward and offer up their branches I'll watch the leaves, I’ll watch the leaves as they fall like ashes Be my north star, be my north star and I’ll follow you by the book But forgive my weakness, forgive my weakness for a twilight sky and a wistful look In the end there’s not much more that I can confess So lay me down, so lay me down unto the earth in a plain pine box and a black dress
Red Sky 04:44
Come on by, don’t need a reason why I’ve got a mind full of wishing and two hands on a mission So come on by Even if I don’t, baby, you should know Burn midnight with you-- want you to know I wanted to, even if I don’t I know that red sky means trouble now, but I just don’t care When I head back toward the hills, would you meet me there? Drinkin all that rye, way old habits die When the water runs dry, You get that look in your eye, drinkin all that rye Tell me, what do you know 'bout how it goes? I'm about to go for broke, Let it all go up in smoke, tell me what do you know
These are the hills where my heart sings its song These are the fields where my feet walk along These are the woods where I'll lay my body down Oh-- These are the trees where my mind wanders off These are the valleys where I wait for dawn These are the rails where the train takes me home Oh-- Round and round and round and round we go Where we stop at last nobody knows These are the days when I aim to seem strong These are the nights when my shadow grows long These are the times when I need to be carried on
If you ever find yourself in Stephens County Head on down to Davis Creek and take it east You’ll see the White Oak hanging low, and you’ll know You’ve found your lover’s home If you take the train to Wilmington in summer When the air is thick as steam and ever warmer Give yourself a day to see a Cape Fear sunrise And you’ll behold what burned in his eyes If you walk the half day to and up South Mountain Look for the well but don’t go peering in The devil’s got your brother and fifty more And at dusk he’ll be knocking at your door If you ever make it down to Charleston Bay Ask for Reverend Porter, he’ll point the way In old Magnolia churchyard stands a stone For your son, among the unknown
There’s a river between us that seems like it’s deeper than deep And the bridges that bind us ain’t quite what they used to be Better watch what goes ‘round-- throwing words like stones is dangerous play I won’t forgive, but you pray to God I’ll forget what you say You see the road to perdition is paved in revelation and blood Every step of the way you will pay for the love that you took I’m not going down, no I’m not going down in this game You know I’m a sure shot, baby, and I waste no time with my aim I see weakness in mercy and glory in honor and pride Where there’s smoke there’s a fire that I started, and it blackens the sky Better get on out, better get on out while you can There’s hell to pay, honey, oh, and you’re a poor, poor man I haven't gone blind yet on this "eye for an eye" bet I haven't gone blind yet on this "eye for an eye" bet I haven't gone blind yet on this "eye for an eye" bet I haven't gone blind yet on this "eye for an eye" bet There’s a river between us that rages like blood ‘neath my skin In the spring it will crest and spill out over all of the plain Even if I drown, I’m gonna make it to the other side Where there’s a will there’s a way, and I’ll never give up on the fight
Love me, love me like the sun We’ll burn up before the day is done Leave me, leave me like a bird Fly low and fly slow if you prefer Don’t believe this is goodbye I won’t be far if you just close your eyes Love me, love me like the morn Your breath on my body, keep me warm Leave me, leave me like the rain Fall down and wash our fear away Love me, love me like the night Pull me close and hide me from the light Leave me, leave me like November My song, so easy to remember Don’t believe this is goodbye Don’t, for a second, wonder why Don’t doubt I love you by and by I won’t be far if you just close your eyes
Get up, let’s go Get up, let’s go If we’re gonna make it, we can’t waste a minute If it’s one thing I know Oh, one thing I know Someone is taking the chances we’re missing And we can’t believe in something we can’t see Come on, come out Come on, come out If it means something to you, it’s yours-- take it with you I don’t know how I don’t know how I never knew I’d be counting on you We’ve got a long way to go, but this is all that we’ve known You can read into this what you will But I can't carry on standing still Baby, I’m going somewhere Gotta go somewhere Look at us now Look at us now What feels like spinning is just the beginning Without a doubt Without a doubt To hell with this city-- gonna leave it behind me And we won’t be tamed. We’ll define our own way
Falling 03:54
I've never been Winter's lover I've never been so inspired, no I can feel the chill returning Somewhere there’s a fire burning, oh Quietly without warning Suddenly it's morning And I'm falling for you It's a funny feeling to know I used to call this home, home Lookin’ at the roads I traveled The secrets they unravel, oh Five o'clock twilight Snow glitters in the streetlight And I'm falling for you I'm falling for you I’m falling for you I’m falling for you I’m falling for you, oh Never say never, no Let my guard down and let it go And I’m falling for you
Hush Now 04:11
Hush now, quietly tiptoe around, now Don’t make a mess of this, love I’ve been trying so hard to be good, oh, to be good I’ve been trying so hard to be good Hush now, I’ve got something to say now Though it feels like it’s far too late It’s just about right, just about right Oh it feels like it’s just about right Like the willow, I bend so low The view from down here’s always up, but that’s never enough I burn brighter, wrestle deeper There’s no sense living this way; one foot in the grave Hush now, the world around me in sleep, now I’m still looking for something Worth trying to dream for anymore What's the point of trying to dream anymore? Hush now, little baby, don’t say a word, little baby Everything you want’s just a matter of will so be still
Hey babe, you don’t look the same to me Something’s changed in your eyes Hey babe, you don’t act the same way now Something has gone awry Hey man, you don’t talk the way you did Is this a change all in my head You say don't feel the way you did Could it be something that I said Hey you, you’ve changed too much for me I thought I knew you, but I was wrong Could it be that you’ve lost your taste for me Could it be we’ve both moved on Could it be we’ve both moved on La di da, la di da di da di da...
Water, water all around me Sinking slowly, and I can hardly breathe Am I just a fool for a life I won't lead? Am I just a fool for a love that won't be? Can’t stop, I can't stop the bleeding I shudder to think what I’ve been missing Am I too far gone to ask for mercy? Am I too far gone to leave anything behind me? Days like these the air feels heavier than I’m sure it’s ever been And nothing good ever came from giving in over and over again And all your small rejections add so much dead weight and they complicate the state I'm in Lately, there's not a lot to say So maybe I should walk away Am I two steps back, never one to get ahead? Am I two steps back by everything I've left unsaid? Just a plane that never got off the ground Just a wanderer that never left this town And I’m gonna see this through, do it for you and sleep in the bed I’ve made Just don’t let me lose my, please don’t let me fade...
When the westward sky burns out And all that stands fades to black When the sounds of night descend to the ground I’ll be on the way back When the sunrise steals the stars And all I dreamed drifts away When what I need is to be right where you are I won’t let a thing get in my way I’ll follow the railroad to Colorado I’ve got my eyes set on bigger sky There aint a mountain, no, gonna keep me, I know I will wander these hills for miles ‘Til you, ‘til you are mine When, at last, I see your face And the train begins to slow When what I’ve waited so long for falls into place I’ll hold on and never let go
Happy 02:48
Bending backroads down Blankets of leaves all around We’ll ignore all the signs of the storm Like we want it to keep raining on Like we want it to keep raining on You said I think I love you I think I’ve always known The one thing on which we can clearly depend Every good thing sees an end Every good thing sees an end But I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy Singing my sad song for you


released June 17, 2014

Stone & Snow is:

Karen Bridges -- Vocals, Baritone Ukulele, Piano, Tenor Guitar, Accordion

Clint Thomson -- Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica, Mandolin, Banjo, Lap Steel, Dobro

Kenny Shepard -- Drums (Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,11,12,13,14)
Rick Bennett -- Electric Bass (Tracks 1,2,3,9,11,12,13)
Mark Genrich -- Upright Bass (Tracks 4,6,7,8,14)
Bruce Bergethon -- Fiddle (Tracks 6,9,12,14)

Produced by David Rossi and Stone & Snow

Recorded by David Rossi and Tony SanFilippo
Recorded at Oxide Lounge & Fourteen Fedoras, Bloomington, Illinois
Mixed by David Rossi @ Fourteen Fedoras, Bloomington, Illinois
Mastered by Collin Jordan @ The Boiler Room, Chicago, Illinois

Cover/Disc photo -- Family Archive / Photographer Unknown
Back cover photo -- Nathan Bridges / Beyond The Well

All songs written by Karen Bridges and/or Clint Thomson.

℗ & © 2014 Stone & Snow. All rights reserved.
Visit for lyrics and more.


all rights reserved



Stone & Snow Bloomington, Illinois

"If Florence + the Machine made folk music, it might sound a little like Stone & Snow." ~Katie Anastas, NPR Music

Stone & Snow is an alt-folk collaboration of Karen Bridges and Clint Thomson.

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